Tuesday, July 11, 2006

From today's Page Six:

SEAN Combs still seems to be agonizing over his nickname. The man previously known as Puff Daddy, Puffy, P. Diddy and just Diddy, sharply corrected a heckling pedicab driver he ran into Sunday afternoon on Central Park South. "While Puffy and his posse waited for the light to cross, maybe over to Trump International or Time Warner Center, a pedicab driver wearing a yellow SpongeBob T-shirt, a red and white Santa hat and black bike tights, yelled out, 'Hey, P. Diddy, how about ride, help the working man out?,' " our spy reports. "Puffy replied, 'I always help the working man out. And it's Puff, brother!' " After Combs started crossing the street, the driver yelled, "Yeah, Diddy, how cool is a guy that changes his nickname more than a baby changes diapers?" Our witness reports: "A crowd was laughing at the driver's crack, and some other pedicab drivers started ringing the bells on their bike. I don't know if it was to show solidarity with the driver or what, but it was surreal."

The man's got a right to change his name. It's not your fault you can't keep up. Damn.


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