Thursday, July 13, 2006

From today's Page Six:
July 13, 2006 -- ...Chase, who starred in "Caddyshack" and
"Fletch," also relays a weird running joke he shares with his teenage daughter. "My youngest, who's 17, seems to be identical to the way I was in my perception of the world," he told Details. "I mean, I can remember the first time I called her a whore. We just laughed for half an hour. Because she's anything but. But she gets it immediately and laughs. I'd call her every day down at school; she might pick up and say, 'Whoretown!' She said something the other day like, 'Dad,
how much should I charge?' "

I don't think my father and I have ever shared the half hour laughfests that Chevy and his daughter clearly enjoy. Just call me a "ho-bag" once in awhile, Dad. Or throw in a "dirty cunt" when we're on the phone. That way I won't have to tell my therapist that you withheld your affection from me. I envy Chevy's daughter.


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