Monday, July 10, 2006

The Celebrity Apologist

From the New York Daily News Gossip Section:
Katharine McPhee might not be the sweet All-American girl we've seen on "American Idol." A source tells us that the other contestants, now on a nationwide tour, secretly despise Katharine for her diva-like behavior and the special treatment they feel producers have bestowed on her. She begged off the first three weeks of the tour — supposedly due to bronchitis — and the others are not looking forward to her antics after her return...
I am no stranger to the Kat McPhee hate, having equated her singing to the noisy devouring of children that seems to best please her dark American Idol masters, but if the girl is sick, she's sick!

So she's despised by her peers? It's the American way. What's she got to be ashamed of? Absolutely nothing!


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